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    my site contains core :) asp (cdont compoenents, mailing components) etc. Should I go for a host with unix server and chilisoft to support asp? or should I go for win2k3 server host?<BR><BR>Also do give me links to cool webhosts...bandwidth, speed, support and of course economical<BR><BR>Thanx!

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    Default Why not read the CS docs?

    You can get to them by wandering around the Sun site after starting at<BR><BR>CS has, so far as I know, only one email component available. I think it is basically compatible with CDonts, though there might be small diffs. ADO and FSO are pretty much identical, though they might be a couple of versions back from MS ASP.<BR><BR>I used to work for CS and now I work for the other guys. I can argue whichever way you want me to (or, more to my personality, I can take the other side from you). Personally, since I like to develop on XP Pro and then simply upload to my site and have it work, I would go with MS ASP. Certainly if you are going the CS route I would *at least* install MySQL and MyODBC on your development machine so you can build your SQL queries right there and test them, rather than having to continuously upload tests to the host.<BR><BR>I dunno about speed, but take a peek at <BR><BR>$5 a month for most anything you need other than SQL Server, and that&#039;s only $10 a month.<BR><BR>I&#039;m currently using, but their prices have gone up and I&#039;ll be switching when my current already-paid-for year is up in a month or so. This is only a "hobby" site, so speed isn&#039;t too important. The features are what sell me.<BR><BR>

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