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    Hi everybody<BR>I recieve the error<BR>"The viewstate is Invalid for this Page and may be corrupted"<BR><BR>Exception: System.web.httpexception<BR><BR>Normally no error is generated but only when the number of postbacks<BR>is considerable, I get this error.<BR> <BR> please help me

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    I have also seen this error occasionally on some pages that I have which have a lot of postbacks. Normally they are fine, but after a while it begins to happen.<BR><BR>I found this on MS:;EN-US;323744<BR><BR>Doens&#039;t answer my problem, but might help you.<BR><BR>Another that might be my answer:;en-us;812399<BR><BR>And one last thread:<BR><BR>HTH in any way, Bizz

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