We are currently having a problem on an intranet application...<BR><BR>Background<BR>We are attempting to load a crystal rpt on the server and print it to a PDF converter to be stored for our records and so it can be served up to our internal client for view only processing. <BR><BR>In order to do this the print cmd of the crystal report object must be fired. We are using the following command to do this<BR> crystalRptObj.PrintOut(false)<BR><BR>The call is made through a COM+ component. Everything works fine on the test development work stations however on the server when the print command is called no error is raised but no document is que&#039;d to the print spooler. <BR><BR>This same problem exists (only on the server) if we attempt to print the document to a normal printer as well and occurs also if the print button of the crystal report viewer is selected from an executable using the crystal report viewer active X component.<BR><BR>The server (supposedly) has the print spooler enabled. (I can print via code on the server via a Shell out cmd to print a txt file).<BR><BR>The server is a window 2000 server and Crystal is version 8.0 and the COM+ component is written in VB 6.0.<BR><BR>Through my tests I believe it is an issue that is related to Crystal Server Print settings or something between crystal and the server print (possibly spooler) settings...<BR><BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated seeing as I have exhausted my ideas on how to get past this problem... Also if there is a different technique that would be recommended I would love to be able to explore those possibilities as well...<BR><BR>Bottom line is I need a PDF file created from a crystal report and placed on our web server.<BR><BR>Thanks in advanced for any assistance you can provide.<BR>