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    hello everyone...<BR><BR>just curious to know if there is any sort of standard list of &#039;system requirements&#039; for people who are developing and selling their .asp applications...<BR><BR>i am in the process of putting together the basics for setting up shop, and need to know what requirements my customers would need to run my software...<BR><BR>so far, i have come up with this:<BR><BR>- Intel® Pentium® processor <BR>- Microsoft® Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional or Server [ running Internet Information Server ] <BR>- or Microsoft® Windows 98 [ running Personal Web Server ] <BR>- 32MB of RAM <BR>- 20MB of available hard-disk space <BR>- Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, 6.0, or 6.1<BR><BR>i would love to offer my product to those running NT, but I dont want to have folks do any more setup than absolutely necessary (downloading NT Option pack 4, etc.)...<BR><BR>the unpacking utility i am using to bundle my code will create folders, dump files, create icons, etc.<BR><BR>the only thing required of my customers would be to get IIS or PWS running, and im providing -detailed- directions (even though its a pretty simple process if you have the CDs)...<BR><BR>so, long story short, can anyone tell me what im missing in my list of requirements?<BR><BR>im hoping there are others out there who have put together &#039;products&#039; that run strictly through a browser, and have had to come up with some sort of requirements list... the process is exciting, but daunting at the same time...<BR><BR>i dont want to leave a potential customer hanging out in the wind because i didnt tell them up front what would be required on their part to use my product...<BR><BR>thanks for any insight, and if i can provide any additional information, just let me know...<BR><BR>mwf

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    Default I would recommend if

    this is a product you are offering that you actually go through your own instructions on a test server. Load the box with whatever you say is required in your docs (or at least get it as close as you can) and make sure following your instructions you can get it working. You can try and remember all the dependencies but the best way is to really load it on a "bare" server. I have a box that I use specifically for testing. It&#039;s and older machine (P2) with minimum memory (128). It&#039;s a perfect testbed because it&#039;s the lowest config I&#039;d expect someone to be using. I keep images of the OS/Browser configs I&#039;d be using on a separate partition of the small hard drive in it. You could use a similar setup for testing a server product that runs under IIS. I mostly use my box for browser testing in order to test IE 4, IE 5, 5.5 and 6. Also use it for testing apps written in VB to be sure my installers work properly. Just my two cents.

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    Default RE: list of 'system requirements' anywhe

    Well, WinXP and Win2k Server both *require* at least 64 MB of ram if I&#039;m not mistaken, so you may want to qualify that part of your requirements.<BR><BR>Aside from that, nobody can really tell you what your application would require, because it depends on what your application does, what resources it uses, how many people are expected to be using it, etc...<BR><BR>If possible, I would recommend load testing your application on various server environments and running performance monitor on them.<BR><BR>Just my 2 cents.

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