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    I have put together a page template that all of my site pages inherit from so that the design is consistent. The problem is that I have 2 user controls I have created also. In the user controls, I have both the html and the code behind which does quite a bit of logic stuff. When I run my page, I step through it and it appears that it executes and creates the instances of the controls, but when I add the control to the page's control collection, it doesn't display the html of the control. I'm guessing that it's not displaying the html of the control because as I stepped through it, it looked like the control's pageload function never fired. So, I'm assuming that if the page load never fires, that the logic in the code behind doesn't execute and then the html isn't being written out. Anyone have any ideas what I can do? Thanks.

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    try adding them into a placeholder instead of the page directly.<BR>

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