Hi All <BR><BR>I am developing a website using asp and access. I have some pages in which user can type very long text in a textarea and submit it. The long text is saved in a memo field. When text is small (e.g. 1000 characters), it is saved (as well modified) successfully. But when I try to submit very long data (e.g. 4000 characters), it generates following error: <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Could not save; currently locked by user &#039;admin&#039; on machine &#039;ABC&#039;. <BR><BR>and the error number is 2147467259. <BR><BR>My code is:<BR><BR>ProductID = request("Product ID") <BR><BR>Desc=request("Name") <BR>ShortDesc=request("Short_Detail") <BR>DetailDesc=request("DetailDescription") <BR><BR>mySQl= "select * from Product where idProduct=&#039;"&ProductID&"&#039;" <BR>call getfromdatabase(mySQL, rsModifyProduct ,"EditProduct") <BR><BR>rsModifyProduct("Description")=Desc <BR>rsModifyProduct("Category")=Category <BR>rsModifyProduct("ShortDetails")=ShortDesc <BR>rsModifyProduct("DetailedDescription"=DetailDe sc &#039;Memo Field <BR><BR>rsModifyProduct.update <BR><BR><BR>******************************* <BR>Database Manupulation Functions <BR>******************************* <BR><BR>sub openDb() <BR>if varType(connTemp)=0 or varType(connTemp)=1 then <BR><BR> &#039; create the connection <BR> set connTemp = server.createObject("adodb.connection") <BR> <BR> connTemp.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=F:ProjectsMyProjectDatabaseMyProject.mdb;" <BR> <BR>end if <BR>end sub <BR><BR><BR>sub getFromDatabase(mySQL, rstemp, scriptName) <BR> <BR> call openDb() <BR><BR> set rstemp = server.createObject("adodb.recordset") <BR> <BR> rstemp.open mySQL,connTemp,3,2 <BR><BR>end sub <BR><BR>sub updateDatabase(mySQL, rstemp, scriptName) <BR> <BR>call openDb() <BR> <BR>set rstemp=connTemp.execute(mySQL) <BR> <BR>end sub <BR>