How get I get HttpPostedFile.SaveAs to release the lock on the file once it is posted? If I try to do the same file twice in a row, sometimes I get the error... <BR><BR>My code is below. Thanks for taking a look.<BR>[code language="VB.NET"]<BR> Try<BR> [hl="yellow"]txtUpload.PostedFile.SaveAs(sFullPath)[/hl]<BR> lblResults.Text = "Upload of File " & sFile & " to " & sPathFriendly & " succeeded"<BR> hdFileName.Value = sFile &#039;Set Hidden Field = to Name of Tab File<BR> hdFilePath.Value = sPath &#039;Set Hidden Field = to Path of Tab File <BR> Dim cXML As New delimitedToXML.modXML<BR> Dim sFileExtension As String = Microsoft.VisualBasic.Right(sFullPath, 4)<BR> cXML.XMLFileName = sFullPath.Replace(sFileExtension, ".xml") &#039;Set Public Property = to Name of XML File<BR> cXML.delimitedDataSet(vbTab, sFullPath, cXML.XMLFileName)<BR> cXML = Nothing<BR> DisplayXMLFile()<BR><BR> lblResults.Text = "File: " & sFile & " uploaded successful."<BR><BR><BR> Catch Ex As Exception<BR> lblResults.Text = "Upload of File " & sFile & " to " & sPathFriendly & " failed for the following reason: " & Ex.Message<BR> Finally<BR> lblResults.Font.Bold = True<BR> lblPageHeader.Text = "Creditor Selection"<BR> lblInstructions.Text = "Select the creditors to be paid with the mortgage loan below in the check boxes to the left of the creditors."<BR> btnUpload.Visible = False<BR> btnLetter.Visible = True<BR> btnPrev.Visible = True<BR> txtUpload.Visible = False<BR> [hl="yellow"]txtUpload.Dispose()[/hl]<BR> End Try<BR>[/code]