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    ive got a database driven website that users want to search. currently ive got the search only hitting the names of records, but i want to open it up to the descriptions and other fileds as well.<BR><BR>what&#039;s the trick to prioritizing search results? how do you handle this?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>corey

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    Default There is no "one fit all" solution... ordering search results. It always depends on the application.<BR><BR>A fairly generic way to order your search results would be to count how often each term appears in the result, and put those with more "hits" to the top. However, this is complicated when you have more than one search term, because what happens if somebody looks for the three words "wordA", "wordB" and "wordC" and you get one result where "wordA" appears only once, "wordB" appears twice, and "wordC" appears three time, and another result where "wordA" appears four times, and "wordB" and "wordC" only once. Which one do you list first?<BR><BR>Another fairly generic way of ordering results is to weight where the words were found. For example, a search result where the terms were found in the title ranks higher than one where the words only appear in the body.<BR><BR>But as I said, there&#039;s no "one fits all" solution. You have to work out what works best for you.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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