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    Is it possible (and how) to load system fonts into a form menu using asp, i.e. the fonts installed on the user's pc (or being client side would I be better to use javascript. What about using font drivers on the host server to dynamically create the form field?). At the moment I'm using a database table to store a list of font options for a content editor.

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    Default Without an ActiveX control..

    .. you can NOT interogate the user&#039;s system.<BR><BR>And, with straight HTML, you can&#039;t use a font in the browser unless it&#039;s on the user&#039;s system.<BR><BR>I know there are font products that allow you to send a font down to the browser. And, if you go to a non-HTML-based displayer, you can embed server-side fonts into JPG and PDFs.

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    Default Didn't you ask this last week?

    Maybe it wasn&#039;t you... pretty common question lately.<BR><BR>Only way you can do this is by using a Java Applet... go ahead and look into those.

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