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    Previous environment / Dreamweaver MX & Visual Sourcesafe<BR><BR>New environment / Visual Studio .NET (Enterprise Architect)<BR><BR>Problem... we have an extensive application written in ASP (classic) and are going to be moving to .net for new portions of the code. It is so large that we will NOT be porting the existing structure to .net<BR><BR>For the life of me I can not work out how to get visual studio .net to work with our existing ASP file structure, or to process asp pages in a meaningful way.<BR><BR>Are there any pointers to how to work with VS .net in a mixed classic and .net environments would be life saver...<BR><BR>(I have already found http://www.asp101.com/articles/john/classicaspinvsnet/default.asp but if you read it you&#039;ll find he gave up half way through!)

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    If you think of .asp projects as just a collection of files, then you can put them into an Asp.Net project the same way you put html files and images.<BR><BR>Create a asp.net app in the folder where you asp is, use the show all files and then include everything.<BR><BR>The tough part is the VI 6 defaulted to master mode and VS.Net uses a local mode.

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