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    I am creating a web site using ASP and MS Access. The site is hosted in UK. I am getting a big problem to understant how Access is converting the date, such as <BR>I am maintaining two date fields in a table one is start_date and the other is end_date, <BR><BR>when I am storing the values like<BR><BR>start_date = &#039;12/1/2003&#039; (mm/dd/yyyy dec 1 2003)<BR>end_date = &#039;12/31/2003&#039; (mm/dd/yyyy dec 31 2003)<BR><BR>I am getting the values from the table like<BR><BR>1/12/2003 for start date that is [jan 12 2003] in mm/dd/yyyy [autometically changed]<BR>and<BR>12/31/2003 for end date that is [dec 31 2003] in mm/dd/yyyy<BR><BR>why this auto convertion is happining for those dates which are valid for mm/dd/yyyy as well as dd/mm/yyyy [what I want to say is 31/12/2003 is not a valid date in mm/dd/yyyy format because mm can&#039;t have 31 as a value]<BR><BR>more over I am using Session.LCID = 1033 make the format in mm/dd/yyyy<BR><BR>please help me.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    it doesn&#039;t ACTUALLY store in those formats. It may appear it does, butu that&#039;s because access is trying to be nice to the user (and failing)<BR><BR>do what I do and use non-ambiguous date formats in all your dealings with the DB<BR><BR>i.e. "1 Feb 2004" instead of "1/2/04" or "2/1/04"<BR><BR>

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