Hi. I have several ASPs that load just fine and work fine, and I&#039m using server-side VBScript for my ADO calls to the SQL Server database. I have followed the suggestions on many sites for suggested methods of explicitly destroying my ADO recordsets and connections. This doesn&#039t fix my problem. Is this an ASP or ADO issue that I should continue looking into, or is something else possibly to blame? <BR><BR>Currently, I create all of my ADO recordsets, commands, and connections (sometimes as many as 5 of each) at the top of my page&#039s code. Most of the recordsets are used inline to dynamically update things within the page. Then, after all is said and done, the last thing I do is close and set to nothing my recordsets then connections, followed by setting my commands to nothing. <BR><BR>Is anything jumping out at any of you as to why this page would want to keep on loading? I am pretty sure ADO is to blame, or rather my improper use of it somewhere, but I have tried moving things around and playing with my order of calls with only very rare success. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>