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    hello there,<BR><BR>is there a way to use global.asa to automate a task:<BR>for example..<BR><BR>i want to send a daily newsletter to my members without having to call an .asp program every day. what i am thinking is... <BR>using global.asa as such as when the server starts it checks the time and date and if its a certain time of day then it will run a page... etc.<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.<BR>thanks

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    I don&#039t think you would find the solution in global.asa since this deals with the Application_OnStart, Session_OnStart, etc sub routines and these are called when the web server starts up and a user hits your website. So unless you were restarting your server on a daily basis or you want the newsletter to be sent to only those users who are visiting the site I don&#039t think you can use global.asa in this manner. You need a job scheduling routine or something, I don&#039t have an answer...sorry.<BR><BR>

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