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    Hi<BR>I have this form which accepts more than 1 line of input. How do I insert all these lines into the table.<BR>for example:<BR>date name item customername location<BR>1/1/2004 ABC 1002 ACV NEW JERSEY<BR>1/1/2004 ABC 1102 WER NEW JERSEY<BR>1/1/2004 ABC 1022 TGH BALTIMORE<BR>1/1/2004 ABC 1032 HJKJ NEW YORK<BR><BR><BR>I want all these lines which I get as input in page1, to be inserted into my table when I goto page2 and submit.<BR>I know how to do 1 row but dont know how to do multiple rows.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Crystal.<BR>

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    Default Not exact example..

    But, it&#039;s similar:<BR><BR>

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