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    I&#039;m always having difficulty formatting dates. So, if this seems rudimentary, please accept my apologies. Is there a format for a simple date. EG for today 2/15 or Feb 15. I can&#039;t have it any longer than that due to space limitations.<BR><BR>I presently use (month(date())) & "/" & day(date())) to get 2/15, but I need to be able to subtract from it as well. for example, throw a -1 after the above to get 2/14.<BR><BR>Thanks so much!

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    so basically you&#039;re asking how you can subtract 1 from the day?<BR><BR>day(date()-1) should do it, shouldn&#039;t it?<BR><BR>this stuff is way easier in JScript if you ask me.

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