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    What will be the best for me as a C# programmer to use a list of object of the same type.. <BR><BR>EXP: Object 1 = League.cs <BR>Object 2 = Teams.cs <BR><BR><BR>Should i use an ArrayList in my League object to store all teams that are refered to it ? <BR><BR>what will be my best array here for me in .NET framework to use to store objects !! <BR><BR>** I dont have any third party software and i dont want to buy any of them.. <BR><BR>because some people have said the arraylist can do the job but not with many object in to it. <BR><BR>thanx..

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    Default Depends a lot...

    ...on what you define as "many objects". Over a few thousand? Ehhh...performance may begin to suffer. Over a million? Yeah, probably time to find a better solution.<BR><BR>But don&#039;t confuse an array with an ArrayList object. They may "feel" somewhat the same but they sure as heck aren&#039;t!<BR><BR>

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