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    Building on yesterdays problem.. <BR><BR>I&#039;m running SQL Server 2000 Personal on a windows 2000 server. There is a previous install of MSDE 2000 on the server so two instances of SQL Services were created.<BR><BR>I&#039;m using the connection string:<BR>PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB;DATA SOURCE=WEBSRF_DATABASE;UID=SRFAMERICAAdministrator ;PWD=****;DATABASE=srfamerica<BR><BR>I have sql set to Windows and SQL authentication, with it running under the Administrator profile. The Login in Enterprise management was created as Administrator, and I&#039;ve double checked permissions and passwords a hundred times. I&#039;ve stripped the domain from the UID string, and used every login I could think of located on the machine. I&#039;m stumped.<BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039;80040e4d&#039; <BR><BR>Login failed for user &#039;SRFAMERICAAdministrator&#039;. <BR><BR>/asp.asp, line 9 <BR><BR>(Where are you captain obvious?)

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    Default I don't believe you can specify

    domain name within the UID like that. You either need to specify username and password using an account in SQL server or you need to use trusted connection. Connection string examples:<BR><BR>http://www.able-consulting.com/MDAC/ADO/Connection/OLEDB_Providers.htm#OLEDBProviderForSQLServer

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