updating records simultaneously??!!

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Thread: updating records simultaneously??!!

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    hey i want to update information in my Access DB using ASP. i can update one record but is it possible to update records simultaneously?<BR><BR>for example i have a table with committee_member, member_name and phone_number. there are 5 different records which i can call from the database and allow the user to edit. but then when they click update all of them will try to update the first record in the Database?<BR><BR>any suggestions

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    Are you looping through your recordset..?<BR><BR>Eg<BR><BR>&#060;%Do While not objRec.EOF<BR>objRec("Field1")= Request("Whatever")<BR>objRec.Update<BR>objRec.Mov eNext<BR><BR><BR>Loop %&#062;<BR>

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