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    if Request.Querystring("return") = "" then<BR>session("return") = "mainpage.html"<BR>else <BR>session("return") = Request.Querystring("return")<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>the problem is session("return") always equal "mainpage.html" even the condition false. if I put session("return") another way round. Session("return") would be equal the one immediately after Then.<BR><BR>just wonder, can session("return") can be changed in one page? what about a variable?

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    ....Request.QueryString doesnt return the name of the only returns the bit after the ?<BR><BR>eg customerID=2&categoryID=3<BR><BR>If you want to get the page name you have to use servervariables<BR>See<BR>

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