omg, i am going nuts trying to find a good example<BR><BR>i have a string:<BR>"041&#124bank (varchar)"<BR><BR>My expression:<BR>"^(d+)&#124(.+)[ ]((.+))$"<BR><BR>which works in Expresso (RegEx tester i snagged off CodeProject) as expected<BR><BR>(Screenshot:<BR><BR>How do i get: "041", "Bank", "Varchar" in the code? i am trying to use the MatchCollection but it ain&#039;t working too well, this only give me a ".Count" of "1", so i am sure i am using the wrong item<BR><BR>[code language="VB.NET"]MyString = "041&#124bank (varchar)"<BR>Dim objRegEx As Regex<BR>Dim objMatches As MatchCollection<BR>objRegEx = New Regex("^(d+)&#124(.+)[ ]((.+))$")<BR>objMatches = objRegEx.Matches(MyString.Value)<BR>Trace.Warn("Ma tches", objMatches.Count)<BR>[/code]<BR><BR>thanks in advance for saving my sanity