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    Hi,<BR><BR>User enters data into text box. Text inserted into db (SQL 2k). I then retrieve the data to email to someone. I need to strip out the carriage returns though (should the use have hit &#039;return&#039; when entering data into text box. Have tried all kinds of combinations .ie.<BR><BR>text = Replace(textValue, vbCRLF, "")<BR><BR>all to no avail.<BR>Question - how are returns encoded in SQL 2K?<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Dan<BR><BR>

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    Try this:<BR>[code language="VBScript"]<BR>textValue = Replace(textValue, vbCRLF, "")<BR>textValue = Replace(textValue, vbCR, "")<BR>textValue = Replace(textValue, vbLF, "")<BR>[/code]

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