I&#039;m a week from leaving where I work and moving on to another company. I&#039;ve spent a few months working on the college website that&#039;s now gone live (www.nacstock.ac.uk) and pretty much nobody has been that interested in what their role is going to be and the fact that they are going to have to access a web console which I&#039;ve built to keep the site up to date. Now, all of a sudden, now everyone knows I&#039;m leaving, I&#039;m inundated with requests for extra functionality! The question raised is &#039;why the hell didn&#039;t you look at the console when I told you to?&#039; I don&#039;t have time to do all this now! lol - they seem to think it&#039;s just a case of punching a few keys and it&#039;ll be done in half an hour! Some of what&#039;s been requested calls for the base data structure to be extended and while I&#039;m pretty sure I&#039;ve coded it to allow for that, I won&#039;t be 100% certain until I&#039;ve done it and tested the changes. <BR><BR>A week? I&#039;d need another month to do everything they want!<BR><BR>Think I&#039;ll go and get drunk :)