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    Hi, I have been using CDONTS to send out an HTML newsletter including .jpg attachments (~150kb total). It worked well for a few months, but lately we have a problem with multiple copies being sent out a few days later from our server at the ISP. The code hasn't changed, it just loops through the access customer database IDs grabbing the email address and sending out the newsletter in a personalised email to each recipient. ISP says must be code and why are we using CDONTS..?, CDOSYS is better and why not use a local SMTP solution - i.e. not their problem, go away...any advice regarding CDONTS vs CDOSYS vs Jmail4.0 ASP component, and has anyone any clues on the duplicate copies - could this be a mail server issue at ISP. It even sends out mails - 3 extra copies - to addresses that received first copy ok...I need a solution to stop losing customers..thanks..

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    well, CDONTS is deprecated so you should be using CDOSYS instead, and yes, they&#039;re quite right, you should be using a local SMTP solution - using an ISP&#039;s server is first of all less controllab le, and secondly possibly outside many AUPs. You&#039;re paying them for web hosting, not an email farm. <BR><BR>thirdly ASP is fundamentally unsuited to bulk operations like this, you should be using, at worst WSH and at best a proper local executable.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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