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    I would like to detect flash in my user&#039;s browser using ASP, but would like to do it without having to buy BrowserHawk. <BR><BR>All I need returned is a boolean value so I can substitute my flash with an alternative jpg image.<BR><BR>Anyone got any idea?<BR>Thanks.

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    http://www.nationwide.co.uk<BR><BR>They do this on their front page. You&#039;ll have to download a couple of JS files that they use (they do it client-side, rather than pushing things out server-side), but that&#039;s where I&#039;d start.<BR><BR>Why re-invent the wheel?<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default There is some client-side code...

    ...on the Macromedia website as well. Or just do a Google.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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