&nbsp;<BR> Here is the problem:<BR><BR> We&#039ve developed an Intranet site that supports both MSIE and Netscape v4 browsers. Our site loads CSS stylesheets via a &#060;LINK REL=STYLESHEET&#062; tag in the head of the documents. MSIE displays eveything perfectly fine but &#039occasionally&#039 Netscape will overwrite the HTML display with &#039part&#039 of the contents of the stylesheet. Refreshing the page fixes the problem immediately. At least until the next time it decides to happen.<BR> Essentially the page looks like is is redered properly but with Stylesheet code (no spaces) all jumbled at the top of the page. The stylesheet is, of course, not applied to the page. The odd thing is that it looks like the first few lines of the HTML file are actually overwritten before they are sent to the browser, IE: I&#039ve seen a page with garbled CSS code and where it ends I will see a part of an IMG tag from the middle to the end etc...<BR> Our pages are being served via an NT 4.0 Server and IIS 4.0. Some pages are ASP but most are plain HTML. This problem affects both types seemingly randomly but moreso on the ASP pages than not.<BR> Any help would be appreciated.<BR>