Can't pass null to stored proc

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Thread: Can't pass null to stored proc

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    Default Can't pass null to stored proc

    Just like the title says. I try to pass null or Null or even NULL and i don&#039;t get the result set I should. <BR><BR>Now, if I just run the stored proc in QA and feed it the parameters with the word null (cause we all know what I mean, right?) I get the results I should.<BR><BR>So I&#039;m guessing that somewhere in the transport of the data btw the asp page and the database that null isn&#039;t truly a null anymore but converted to something else.<BR><BR>My question is, how do I pass a null from my asp page (using the command object&#039;s parameters collection) to the database?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Make param optional...

    ...with a default value of NULL. And then simply don&#039;t pass anything from VBS.<BR><BR>

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