IIS wont allow anonymous login off subnet

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Thread: IIS wont allow anonymous login off subnet

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    Ok, I'm kinda new to IIS and ASP.NET. I moved a website to a production server and IIS or Windows security wont allow the .NET aspx files to be served from requests off the subnet. I get the HTTP 401.3 - Access denied by ACL on resource error. Users are in the same domain. Htm files are fine anywhere though. In IIS, when I enable Windows Integrated or Basic authentication, it will prompt for network login and allow aspx pages to be served. I've checked the folder and files permissions and I have Domain Users and Everyone with Full control. I also have Internet Guest Account with Read/Read & Execute permissions. In IIS I also set the application name and execution permissions are set for scripts and executables. Asp (not aspx) pages from the same IIS website, but a different directory work off the subnet as well. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance. -Bill

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    ACL on resource means NTFS permissions ON THE SERVER. you need to get on there and make sure the controlling account (probably the ASPNET account if you&#039;re using aspx) has NTFS access to the files in question, and dependencies.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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