Now when I run the byroyalty SP in the PUBS database via the ASP page in the IE browser, I can watch (using perf mon) the number of SQL client connetions jump by three as soon as IIS processes the query. You can also see the users get added in SQL Enterprize Mgr. after selecting the Current Activity option.<BR> <BR>Why does this one SP levy three unique SQL user connections? <BR> <BR>Why do these three connections remain for A LONG TIME (about 30 seconds) after the IE browser gets the ASP page?<BR> <BR>Why aren&#039t the connections dropped as soon as IIS services the request?<BR><BR>Can I set a different parameter to drop them more quickly?<BR>Will this impact the website&#039s operations?<BR> <BR>Juergen<BR><BR><BR> <BR> <BR>