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    Guys, Ive done a few web design projects in the past and found that EVERY bloody time, I have difficulty in sourcing information about the business from the client. This makes populating pages very difficult as you can imagine, because I have no understanding of exactly what it is they do or how best to describe it. You get my drift? What the hell do I put on the "about us" page? <BR><BR>I dont know how many times Ive felt like saying to one of my clients..."I design websites, I know nothing about baking cakes or chocolate coating fish....I need more information from you"<BR><BR>How can I resolve this?<BR><BR>John

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    I set up a mini-CMS and tell them it&#039;s their job to fill the content in. I then populate the pages with filler text, which they can change at their leisure.<BR><BR>of course, some clients don&#039;t even try, so you have to pester them to do it, but once they realise they&#039;re going to look stupid if their &#039;about us&#039; page consists of the preamble to the communist manifesto, they usually pull their finger out and sort it.

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    Default Do you charge extra to.... the CMS? <BR><BR>Running the CMS also requires usage of a database which is more $ for hosting and the complexity of the project goes up. Not much but its more detailed than straight html. Hmmm...<BR><BR>I really need to speak further with you about that CMS too Atrax.<BR>

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    I generally won&#039;t quote without a CMS because I know the client&#039;ll be back over and over again with &#039;just this one little thing&#039; and it&#039;s just embarrassing to invoice for 15 minutes work. <BR><BR>I also tell them it saves money and hassle in the long run and makes them largely independent of me when they need to update and it sells them on it. And the cost really isn&#039;t a lot more when you look at it.<BR><BR>you don&#039;t NEED to use a database, but you could need some form of server-side scripting to run one. you could use XML or flat text files/includes or even give them the power to edit the files directly, though I wouldn&#039;t go with that last one.....<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Default Id like to hear more about the....

    ...XML stuff. Especially the text based files.<BR><BR>If using a database isnt compulsory, and the clients are presented with a basic text file to edit, well hey, that sounds great.<BR><BR>Where do I start looking?

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    Default RE: Id like to hear more about the....

    well, for the flat file thing you&#039;d just use FileSystemObject - open it up, load it into a RichText area, then when it&#039;s ubmitted save the data to the same file. The XML solution is a little trickier though, depends what you need.

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    Default to be honest...

    ..I have no idea. Ive always gone with a DB driven CMS. Like I said, when you work with DB driven sites the hosting costs go up. I guess this could impact the decision made by the client...<BR><BR>$30 a month for basic hosting OR<BR>$30+ for DB driven stuff<BR><BR>Not sure....<BR><BR>I guess the best overall solution would be to simply sit down with a client and say.."you can update your site, at any time, from any computer that has an internet connection" at an affordable price.<BR><BR>I know access hosting isnt much...and stuffing around with DB can become annoying. I had no idea you could do this with simple text files...<BR><BR>Im all ears.<BR>John

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    Default RE: to be honest...

    Tell you what, I&#039;ll knock together a tutorial on it when I get out of the office later on.

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    Default cool.....

    .. :-)

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    Default Crap Management Systems and Servers

    Err Content...whatever.<BR><BR>A CMS really does let the client manage their own crap :)<BR><BR>The added price of a CMS can easily be surpassed when you charge for minimum of 30 minutes ($50-$75) even it is just one word to change.<BR><BR>Make it very clear in any contract that you are NOT responsible for content. That any initial content must provided in a format that is easily integrated into the web. AKA we charge extra if it provided in work or in html that must be changed<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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