have an application with restrictions on "exchange.aspx". You have to login through "login.aspx" with user name and password. <BR><BR>In web.config, it looks like this(tags has been removed): <BR><BR>authentication mode="Forms" <BR>forms name=".AspCookie" loginUrl="login.aspx" timeout="60" <BR>authentication <BR><BR>location path="exchange.aspx" <BR>system.web <BR>authorization <BR>deny users="?" <BR>authorization <BR>system.web <BR>location <BR><BR>The code to redirect to exchange.aspx, is: <BR>Response.Redirect(@"exchange.aspx"); <BR><BR>Running at web server, this is working fine. You will be redirected to exchange.aspx. But running from a domain(www.musikkfabrikk.no) WHICH IS LINKED to the web server, is not working. <BR><BR>At www.musikkfabrikk.no, when you go to moteplassen, the login page is coming up, then you register or login with your name and password. If your name/password is correct, nothing happens! <BR><BR>I am wondering if i should have some site information included in code Response.Redirect(@"exchange.aspx");, since running from www.musikkfabrikk.no does not load exchange.aspx from the web server. BUT with mozilla/opera this is actually working fine, but not with IE. <BR><BR>Any clues? <BR><BR>softplay