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    I am designing a database for an online retail store. The store sells shoes, t-shirts, pants ect. All of which have different sizing formats (6, 7, 8, 9 - s, m, l - 32, 34, 36), and each size has a corresponding quantity value. I&#039;m trying to decide how to store this information. As of now I think I should have a table for each format, where the size is the field name and the quantity is the value.<BR><BR>eg.<BR><BR>letterformat<BR><BR>sku - 691<BR>s - 1<BR>m - 2<BR>l - 1 <BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    I&#039;d have a productType table, so you can link that to the product record, then a productsizings table which contains all the differnt possible sizes linked to the productType.<BR><BR>probably. that&#039;s entirely off the top of my hea, you understand.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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