I read this article:<BR><BR>http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/052803-1.aspx<BR><BR>then tailored it so that it read from a directory based on two querystring parameters, e.g:<BR><BR>sPath = "Uploaded\" & sPerson & "\" & sDate & "\"<BR>sPath = Server.MapPath(sPath)<BR><BR>If Directory.Exists(sPath) Then<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Dim dirFiles As New DirectoryInfo(sPath)<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;dg Attached.DataSource = dirFiles.GetFiles()<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;dgA ttached.DataBind()<BR>End If<BR><BR>This works, but the DataNavigateUrlField lists only the file name, so the link in the datagrid links to the wrong path of the script, and doesn&#039;t do the fullpath. I hoped that it&#039;d just be a case of changing the DataNavigateUrlField value from Name to Fullname, but this is the file system path, not the webserver path, and I couldn&#039;t find any other possible value.<BR><BR>So now I believe it&#039;s something to do with DataNavigateUrlFormatString. Do I need to do put an event on item data bind in the code behind, and update the formatstring for each row? or is there a more elegant solution I&#039;ve overlooked?<BR><BR>