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    here is my query:<BR>SELECT i.*, i.NeLC, n.Name<BR>FROM INVENTORY AS i Left OUTer JOIN NeLCLIST AS n ON i.NeLC = n.NeLC<BR>WHERE (((i.MCC)=&#039;xyz&#039;))<BR>Order BY i.NeLC;<BR><BR>My problem is that I only want the data from the Inventory table that Have MCC of &#039;XYZ&#039; and I want their official names from the other table. I am getting all data from both tables that have mcc of "XYZ&#039; Is this an MS access problem or is there something wrong with query. Thanks in advance?<BR>

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    why are you requesting i.* AND i.NelC?<BR><BR>NelC is going to be included in *.<BR><BR>SELECT i.*, n.Name<BR>FROM INVENTORY AS i, NeLCLIST AS n<BR>WHERE i.NeLC = n.NeLC AND i.MCC = &#039;xyz&#039;<BR>ORDER BY i.NeLC;

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