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    Need to create a drop down box that pulls it&#039;s contents from a database. i know how to handle this in classic asp, not sure where to start in .net with the runat=server etc. <BR><BR>Anyone have a quick start - step by step guide or any hints to get me started. Thanks

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    HI,<BR><BR>Here is the code.<BR><BR>Dim conn as SqlConnection<BR>Dim ds as new Dataset<BR>Dim adap as SqlDataAdapter<BR><BR>conn=new SqlConnection("Server=server1;database=data1;uid=s a;pwd=;")<BR>adap=new SqlDataAdapter("Select code,desc from table1",deomconn)<BR>adap.fill(ds)<BR>dropdown1.da tasource=ds<BR>dropdown1.databind()<BR><BR>Enjoy<B R><BR>Kshitij<BR>

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