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    Hi Scott, I have incorporated a page counter with the help of your wonderful article "Recording Page Hits with Microsoft&#039;s Page Counter Object", by Scott Mitchell, and have several questions.<BR><BR>1) When I restart IIS, or reboot the server, the count goes back to zero. Is there a way to have this save the count and resume on startup where it left off?<BR><BR>2) If the above is possible, is there a way to edit the count? (for legit resons only!!)<BR><BR>Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Scott very seldom reads ...

    ...this forum, at all. Just ask everybody, in general, not him.<BR><BR>Anyway...<BR><BR>I&#039;ve never used the MS page counter object, mainly because it is so easy to create your own better one. Yes, one that records the counter to a file (or database). And, if the counter is stored in a file or db, then it is easy to edit the count.<BR><BR>Look around for other solutions than that one using the MS counter, I would say.<BR>

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    Default Besides, both questions are answered

    in the article anyway.<BR>Read the section headed "The PageCounter Object in Detail" section again.<BR>

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