paging a recordset via active connection & stored

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Thread: paging a recordset via active connection & stored

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    Default paging a recordset via active connection & stored

    hi<BR><BR>i want to page a recordset&#039;s contents 5 records perpage. I have the paging script in place but i am having problems defining the appropriate parameters for my connection.<BR><BR>I am using an active connection (defined in an include file used by all other pages on my site). i am using the following method in each page that connects to the database (including the page i am refering to in this posting):<BR><BR>&#039;*************************** ****************<BR>dim rsGetArticleHeadings dbCommand.CommandText="GetArticleHeadings"<BR>set rsGetArticleHeadings=dbCommand.Execute<BR>&#039;** ******************************************<BR><BR> this is the recordset i want to page, can someone please tell me if i can set the appropriate connection parameters for this connection that will alow me to page the recordset and if so, how to do this<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>gelboe

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    Default paging is an FAQ

    first, check the method there and then modify your code as required. you need to explicitly create a recordset, rather than implicitly as you&#039;re doing here.

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