File Upload WITHOUT SA-Fileup ?

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Thread: File Upload WITHOUT SA-Fileup ?

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    Andy Stradner Guest

    Default File Upload WITHOUT SA-Fileup ?

    Hi!<BR><BR>I want to implement a file upload feature (save jpg-images<BR>on the webserver) on my asp-driven website. is there a way to do that with the standard functioality of ASP ? (can a avoid the usage of the not inexpensive SA-fileup).<BR><BR>thank you 4 any help!<BR>A. Stradner

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    There is an article at 15 seconds on how to do this with an Active X control you make. If you own Visual Basic, this is free.<BR><BR>

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    Corin Guest

    Default Better the sa-fileup and free aspsmartupload<BR><BR>I tried yesterday and it took about 10 minutes to get working. Read their documentation though as it walks you through everything. Site a little hard to navigate though so be patient

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