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    i am working on our intranet site........putting together some pages that are designed to help the operations manager here keep track of the vehicles that employees drive to work and park in our lot.<BR><BR>as it is set up now, the operations manager can create new employees (drivers). and she can also edit, delete, etc.<BR><BR>the site is being developed with this in mind: once the operations manager has created a new employee, that new employee is to be sent an email.<BR><BR>i would like this email to be a form that the recipient can use to submit the information pertaining to his/her vehicle(s).<BR><BR>is this possible? i&#039;ve been having difficulty in trying to insert anything into the body of a "New Message" that i get to open up. i can insert TO: and SUBJECT:, but i can&#039;t seem to figure out how i might be able to insert a form into the body of the email.<BR><BR>and so, once i figure out how to insert a form into the body of the email, i then have to determine how i can update my database upon the submittal of this form.<BR><BR>ughhhhh. i feel buried here. any ideas? any links?

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    Default Just put a link in..

    .. the e-mail to your web server and have them fill out an online form.

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    Default Exactly what I just typed!

    But I refreshed and saw you post!

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