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    I am working with a programmer on a billing system. The billing system creates bills from a HTML bill template file and creates one large file containing all customer bills. The large file is then sent to the printer through Internet Explorer. <BR><BR>While each bill in the large file starts with a customer header, all pages after that for the bill do not get numbered and there is no way to identify the bill it goes with if the stack gets out of order. <BR><BR>I need to have each bill print with page numbers and if possible share a common customer header. <BR><BR>Any idea? I posted in the regular ASP Q/A but go no response.

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    use CSS to break the pages, use ASP to increment and add a page number. hardly advanced<BR><BR>x = 0<BR>while someloopvar = true<BR>x = x + 1<BR>%&#060;<BR>&#060;!-- stuff here --&#062;<BR>page &#060;%= x %&#062;<BR>&#060;hr style="page-break-before: always" /&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>Wend<BR><BR><BR>really not hard, though my example is just that, an example.

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