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    Kurtis Mullins Guest

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    I was woundering, can I make a database with a normal text editor? I mean without SQL or any Database programming Language ( or program ). Also, could someone supply me a template of doing that if it is possible? Or even give me a link to a page ( or program ). You can answer here or you can email me:

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    what about using something along the lines of a ini file?

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    Steve Marlowe Guest

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    unless you are just planning on storing very small amounts of data you are probably better off using a database just for the seraching, sorting, and radom access capabilities. although the same effects can be accomplished without them if the situation prohibits it for some reason. on one site i did i used text files and directory structures to imitate the worked out pretty good although the code was more complicated. just use the file system object for these type of operations...there is info about it located on the microsoft asp site (dont know the addy right off hand -- maybe then go to web workshop and choose asp or vbscript?)<BR><BR>steve

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