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    Could someone please explain the lifecycle of a dataset. I understand that a dataset is a disconnected list of your requested data, but where does is reside and how is it maintained? Does it reside on the server (iis), if not, can it be accessed without a postback? I have many more questions about datasets so any information you can provide will be very helpful. Thank you.

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    You call a function.<BR> In the function:<BR> You create one and fill it with data.<BR> You set it as the datasource for something.<BR> You databind that something.<BR>You return from the function.<BR>The dataset no longer exists.<BR><BR>The "data" needed to re-create the thing you bound to the dataset is presevered in the viewstate of that thing.<BR>This "data" is not neccesarily everthing you need to re-create a dataset<BR><BR>

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