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    I&#039;ve seen plenty of examples of file uploads in ASP.NET when the only form element is the file input type, but I&#039;ve not seen a practical example of a file upload routine running alongside other form elements, e.g. a text box for a description for example. If the form is being posted in multipart format then the text coming through will need to be converted first, won&#039;t it?<BR><BR>The other issue is that if the form is posted, and the validation checks are performed server-side (as they should be, even if you ARE using client-side checking) won&#039;t the form take ages to process due to the file being transferred in the form data?<BR><BR>I wondered if the webmail style of attachment would be best...where you popup a window with a form, you attach the file, you upload it, and then all that appears in the original form is a filename. But this would mean that the file is already on the server, before you actually submit the rest of the form contents, so if they then decide to cancel the form, there&#039;ll be an orphaned file.<BR><BR>Is there another way to solve this problem?

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    I think that it is cleaner and clearer to separate the file upload from other stuff.<BR><BR>You can use other form elements, but the file upload doesn&#039;t behave the same on postbacks. You wouldn&#039;t want it to upload the file every time ...<BR><BR>Not sure what webmail is, but hotmail has a peparate page for attaching files

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