I have a HTMLSelect control which I am binding data to, but what I want to do then is loop through the ListItems and check their values and if a certain value, don&#039;t show this option in the dropdown. Is this possible and if so how? I know I could just modify the sproc to give me the data I need but can it be done this way? There does not seem to be an Visible property of the ListItem object. Or is there something I can do before I bind the control?<BR><BR>Dim i as Integer<BR> <BR>For i = 0 to cboFLang.Items.Count - 1<BR> If CType(cboFLang.Items(i).Value,string).Trim() &#060;&#062; "ENG" Then<BR> &#039;don&#039;t show the option <BR> exit for <BR> End If <BR>Next i<BR><BR>Thanks in advance