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    I have a single Access table from which I need to extract data within a<BR>specified date range - pretty simple stuff I thought. I have 2 NT4/IIS4<BR>servers - one for development (at home) and one for testing (on site).<BR><BR>The SQL string I am passing is:<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM Web WHERE (((Web.Date) Between #1-Jun-1999# And<BR>#30-Jun-1999#)) ORDER BY Web.Date;<BR><BR>On my development machine, the resultant recordset looks like:<BR>1-Jun-1999<BR>2-Jun-1999<BR>etc<BR>30-Jun-1999<BR><BR>On the test machine it returns:<BR>06-Jan-1999<BR>06-Feb-1999<BR>etc<BR>30-Jun-1999<BR><BR>"Regional Settings!" I hear you cry. Both machines are set to<BR>English(Australian). Interestingly enough, if I change the test box to<BR>English(US), the problem goes away (but all the client&#039s users scream at<BR>what it does to all the date formats on that machine). So if I mismatch the<BR>machines, I get consistent results!?<BR><BR>If I cut and paste the SQL string into Access, it works perfectly every<BR>time.<BR>

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    I am not 100% sure on this, but I think you should change your server&#039s date format to US format and it should not affect your users. The computer at the user keeps time the same way really internally and even though they can have a different way of displaying it the system should recognize what&#039s coming in.<BR>I think...

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