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    ok here goes..<BR><BR>I have a Date/Time field in my Access database. But I am trying to edit/update some records using an ASP web front-end. And every time I try to update the Date field I get the &#039;must use updateable query&#039; error message.<BR><BR>So I converted the Date field (an example: 02/03/04) to a Text field. It all edits and updates fine now but I still have one problem.<BR><BR>I have another page which lists most recently updated records in descending order of the Date field, which worked great when the field was a Date/Time field but not now its a Text one. Any ideas on how to resolve this as simply and least painfully as possible?

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    Default Check the FAQs

    but you will find the answer is to convert the field back to date, because that&#039;s what it contains and to use # around the date value in your update.

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