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    glovesave Guest

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    I need to take information from an html form and use that input in the WHERE clause of a select statement. I tried surrounding it with % and &#039 and &#039% but i still can&#039t get the information that i need. Someone please help

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    LeeAnnie Guest

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    set RS=conn.execute("update incidents set pickup=&#039yes&#039, pickupby=&#039"&TechName&"&#039 where ticketnum="&request("tixid")&" and incidentnum="&inumber&" and identity="&ident&;",,adcmdtext)<BR><BR>If it is a text string, use both double and single quotes. If it is a number use double quotes only. If it a date, you need to use pound (#) signs outside of double quotes. HTH<BR>

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