Hi People,<BR><BR>Im trying to do something very similar to what is in the 4guysfromrolla Part 14 of the DataGrid which explains how to kind of have sub datagrids inserted into a main datagrid to display master/detail relational information.<BR><BR>I have got this working fine, however I need to addapt it slightly and im having trouble.<BR><BR>Basically I need it to be contained within Repeaters instead of DataGrids so that the formatting can be changed... Is this possible??<BR><BR>If it is then what code do I require to do this bit:<BR><BR> &#039;Add the DataGrid to the 2nd Column<BR> e.Item.Cells(1).Controls.Add(dg)<BR><BR>Which in the 4guysfromrolla example adds the sub-datagrid into the main datagrid cell... See I need it to add the sub-repeater into a specified part of the main repeater...<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>- Carl S<BR><BR>