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    I have to arrays, the arrays come from a comma delemited string. When I response.write the strings to an HTML page and put a <BR> inbetween them, they look like this:<BR><BR>PartID,ModelNumber,New<BR>int identity,varchar,varchar<BR><BR>they are doing good, no errors occur when I turn them into arrays using Split()<BR><BR>But heres the problem, I set the comma delemited strings to Session Varibles before I convert them to arrays, because I need to use them again on the next page.<BR><BR>On the next page, I output the strings the same way, and I get this:<BR><BR>PartID,ModelNumber,New<BR><BR>Respons e object error &#039;ASP 0106 : 80020005&#039; <BR><BR>Type Mismatch <BR><BR>/neosql/index.asp, line 0 <BR><BR>An unhandled data type was encountered.<BR><BR>It outputs the first string, but for some reason, the second string is a different datatype???<BR><BR>I am stumped. Any ideas?

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    Default The really weird part... the "line 0" in the error message.<BR><BR>Why for that???<BR><BR>But the other thing is the *object* that is reporting the error: The Response object!!!<BR><BR>The only thing that I can think of is that you are "fibbing" to us (and to yourself, of course). To wit, I think you *are* storing the array in the Session variable and then attempting to Response.Write an array...which will indeed give the error you are seeing.<BR><BR>But...<BR><BR>But you show us zero code, so it&#039;s hard to tell.<BR><BR>

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