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    does anyone know how to create access reports with ASP?<BR><BR>thanks

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    If you mean how do you generate an report from an access database using asp, that&#039;s quite simple, just create a query, grab the dataset from the database and display it in an asp page exactly as you want it, adding page breaks to sort out the formatting for printing.<BR><BR>If you mean how do you deliver an &#039;access form&#039; via an asp page, I&#039;d have to ask why would you want to? There may be a way by using something similar to:<BR><BR>&#060;% response.ContentType ="application/msword" %&#062;<BR><BR>you can change the application that the asp page is run in. With this at the top of the page, your page will open in word.<BR><BR>You could also #include a word document into your page below this line to deliver a word document. It&#039;s possible a similar thing could be done for access, try googling for response.contenttype and see what you get.<BR>

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