Hi, I am writing a project in .NET which needs to update some Excel cells. Now, these cells contain a function and the spreadsheet is linked. So, since you cannot update a cell which contains a function, I tried to delete it first (with the idea of updating later). But it does not even allow me to delete with the following statement:<BR><BR>cmd.CommandText = "DELETE [Births$C24:C24] FROM [Births$]"<BR>cmd.ExecuteNonQuery()<BR><BR>which should do the deletion if it works. But it is giving me an error on the cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() (i.e. when the actual delete SHOULD occur) telling me the following:<BR><BR>"Deleting data in a linked table is not supported by this ISAM"<BR><BR>The spreadsheet is in Excel 2000 format and it allows me to manually delete a cell so I do not really understand if I can do the updating I originally intended to do. I would greatly appreciate any help!<BR><BR>Thanks and best regards,<BR>Timothy